100 Years of Dominicana!

This is a banner year for the Dominican Order. We are celebrating 800 years of the Order of Preachers! Visit our provincial jubilee website and our worldwide jubilee website for more information on how to help us celebrate this great event.

There is, however, another anniversary that the Studentate of the Province of St. Joseph is celebrating: Our journal, Dominicana, turns 100 years old this Easter!

In 1916, the brothers in formation decided to commemorate the 700th jubilee of the Order with a special commemorative journal named Dominicana. Because of its success, they endeavored to create a new quarterly periodical with the same name in the Easter Season of 1916. And so Dominicana was born.

This journal was produced a few times per year until 1968, when the brothers took a 33 year hiatus. To celebrate the centennial of Dominicana, those journals published from 1916-1968 are now available to all at no cost. (They are located under the “Opera Omnia” dropdown box on the website’s main page. Or just click the link above.)

We hope you enjoy over 50 years of young Dominicans engaging with the culture in their unique contexts.

Check out the first article!

Have a Blessed Easter and a Happy Dominicana Jubilee!



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Dominicana is published by the Dominican student brothers of the Province of Saint Joseph.