The Love of Money

Image by Alexandre Chambon The Love of Money

Money can be a tricky thing to get a handle on. On the one hand, it can seem that all of the world is measured in money. We encounter prices all the time, on gas station signs, in store windows, during commercials. We really do need some of these things, and getting them requires money. On the other... [Read more...]

Burdened under the Law

Detroit Photographic Co. & Library of Congress, A lumber pack Burdened under the Law

The Church’s moral law has received attention in the public square for many years now, on topics ranging from contraception to torture. These sorts of discussions take place within the Church as well, as seen in the current discussion on civil divorce and remarriage. It often happens that people are... [Read more...]

Embrace of the Cross

A crucifix on a desk Embrace of the Cross

The idea of a hug from Jesus can bring to mind the figure of a blue-eyed man with tousled brown hair, probably a big beard, and a cheesy grin with his arms stretched wide waiting for you. Or this time of year, we might think of a cute baby stretching out his hands with a lovely smile. Maybe these images... [Read more...]

Summit and Font: The Church’s Liturgy

Summit and Font: The Church’s Liturgy

Alcuin Reid, ed., T&T Clark Companion to Liturgy. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2016. Liturgy is central to the life of the Catholic Christian and to the activity of the whole Church. This has been the case since the days of the Apostles, and the liturgy has grown with and been shaped by the... [Read more...]

The Very Stones Will Cry Out

Excavated stones from the Wall of the 2nd Temple (Jerusalem) The Very Stones Will Cry Out

Lucius walked the dusty streets, twisting his fingers in careful patterns, practicing yesterday’s lesson. He was a clever and talented student, so the pebble he was looking at obediently skipped alongside him. By now the route was familiar, although he remained fascinated by the great stone bridges... [Read more...]

Fixer Uppers

Fixer Uppers

We all need to be fixed. Of course, we generally try to avoid admitting this to each other, and so it’s often God Who gets to hear the most about our brokenness. “Jesus, I really hurt my brother this morning. Please fix me so I can love him better.” This isn’t a bad prayer. Sometimes we truly... [Read more...]

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