Why Thomism?

Why Thomism?

Asking “Why Thomas Aquinas?” is like asking “Why Shakespeare?” Spell out all of the reasons for reading the Bard, and you will hit upon most of the reasons for reading English Literature. So, too, describe all of the ways in which the Angelic Doctor repays study, and you will come close to showing... [Read more...]

The Value of Reticence

11524_2family-628x269 The Value of Reticence

Never, never, never talk theology or discuss the Church with those outside it. . . . People simply do not understand what you are talking about and they merely (a) get angry and (b) come to the conclusion that one doesn’t believe in the thing oneself and that one is simply doing it to annoy. —Maurice... [Read more...]

A Pale Light

10947_fraangelico-theforerunnersofchristwithsaintsandmartyrscropped-628x339 A Pale Light

Bl. John of Fiesole, better known as Fra Angelico, was one of the great painters of the early Renaissance. Many people don’t realize, however, that he was also a Dominican friar, and a very holy friar, too. [Read more…]  Read More →

A Friendly Shore

10500_knox2-1b-628x351 A Friendly Shore

According to C.S. Lewis, Ronald Knox was “possibly the wittiest man in Europe.” But let’s not hold that against him. For one thing, he could hardly help it. For another, his wit is so understated, so self-effacing, so clearly aimed at pleasing rather than impressing, we can detect in it none... [Read more...]

The Sign by Which I Am Known

10017_St_Catherine._San_Domenico-628x332 The Sign by Which I Am Known

On the evening of that first day of the week, when, for fear of the Jews, the doors were locked where the disciples were, Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them, “Peace be with you.” —John 20:19 It wasn’t just Peter, of course. The others had also denied Jesus. When he asked them... [Read more...]

The Shepherds of the Church

9512_pius-v-628x289 The Shepherds of the Church

We Catholics take a lot for granted. Consider, for instance, the fact that our Church was founded by God. [Read more…]  Read More →

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