Do What Comes Naturally

Claude Monet, Le Boulevard des Capucines Do What Comes Naturally

Have you ever looked at a great work of art and considered what you share in common with the artist? Or maybe, what you share in common with the engineer of the Egyptian pyramids? Well, you too have an intellect, a will, and possibly the capability of drawing straight lines. Either way, there are fundamental... [Read more...]

Your Saint Too

Unknown artist, San Thomas Aquino Your Saint Too

On Saturday, we Dominicans celebrated the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas with special solemnity. For us, the feast is always accompanied by a certain sense of fraternal pride. After all, this great saint and Doctor of the Church, held up by several popes as the Church’s principal theologian, was one... [Read more...]

O Emmanuel

Raphael, Adoration of the Shepherds O Emmanuel

Continuing our series on the O Antiphons, we come today to our final one. Widely known for its use (although paraphrased) as the title verse in “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” it is used in the ultimate evening prayer of the Church before Christmas Eve. O Emmanuel, our king and our lawgiver, the hope... [Read more...]

Begging Culture

Begging Culture

In this issue of Dominicana, we especially wanted to examine the role of the preacher within the city. There seemed no better interlocutor with whom to discuss this subject than Rémi Brague, a world-renowned philosopher and historian of ideas. He has taught in numerous universities in Europe and the... [Read more...]

Known By Your Fruits

Known By Your Fruits

Today the Church celebrates the feast day of a Dominican saint and doctor of the Church, St. Albert the Great. The list of his contributions to Western thought is staggering. He was one of the first to comment on many of Aristotle’s works in Latin, wrote numerous works on the natural sciences and animal... [Read more...]

A Thrown Away Culture

Mittagsmahl auf dem Felde A Thrown Away Culture

Throughout his pontificate, Pope Francis has spoken out against a modern “throwaway culture.” The Holy Father has perceived this culture in a variety of attitudes present today, from consumerist demands for disposable products, to a lack of care for creation, to even the commodification of the human... [Read more...]

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