Dominicana 17:1 — March 1932

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A New Dominican Saint — James Conaty, O.P.

“Exultemus” — Paschal Kelly, O.P.

Pere Gardeil, An Appreciation — Cajetan Reilly, O.P.

Death (Verse) — Edward M. Vahey, O.P.

The Parish Credit Union — John Dominic Malone, O.P.

Song For This Spring (Verse) — Philip Reilly, O.P.

Angels and Angel Converse — Raphael O’Connor, O.P.

Sundown (Verse) — John McLarney, O.P.

The Influence of Albert on Thomas — John Francis Monroe, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. Francis Louis Kelly, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. Raphael Ferrari, O.P.

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Cloister Chronicle