8581_Pluralism-Photomontage-628x309 Our Daily Culture Shock

Alienation, nervous excitement, homesick melancholy, wonder, anxiety, isolation—the experience of culture shock is nothing if not complex. The lone tourist, the exchange student, the refugee, and the immigrant are the most susceptible, but perhaps you feel a tinge of it yourself right now. Are you home? [Read more…]  Read More →

fulton_sheen20120628nw1377_web_0 5 Things Fulton Sheen Teaches Us About Social Media

This post is the first part of a series on Archbishop Fulton Sheen.   “Jesus loves you.” #JN3:16 #Easter #risn “Pray. Hope. Don’t worry.” #faith #believe “Preach the Gospel at all times” #Francis #peace #prayalways Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and countless other platforms are filled... [Read more...]

The Twelve Days of Christmas song poster Giftedness

Christmas always stands out. Of course, it’s the second highest feast in the Christian calendar, but, still more, it’s the head of all feasts for any kid’s calendar. As the product (and survivor) of the New York City Public School System, I saw this in a very particular way. I was blessed with a very good education, but also, unsurprisingly, a... [Read more...]

Rose_window_of_Church_of_St._Vincent_Ferrer_(NYC) Welcome to Dominicana

Dominicana is a journal about culture, theology, and virtue, written from a quintessentially Dominican perspective. The friars who contribute to it—student brothers of the Province of St. Joseph—are training to become preachers of Jesus Christ, and this mission marks everything found here. The Dominican tradition of preaching and teaching is shaped... [Read more...]

Reading Between the Lines Spiritual but not Religious

During my friend’s Master’s defense, she stood before her committee, nervously pinching her necklace between her thumb and forefinger. I remember her words clearly: “I consider myself spiritual, but not religious.” She was trying to express the thought and meaning in her design. She hoped her design would inspire something beyond materiality... [Read more...]

branches-with-almond-blossom-18901_jpgLarge Rites of Spring

Over the weekend, we passed through the vernal equinox, which means that (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere) the days are now longer than the nights. With the increase in daylight comes higher temperatures, the melting of the snows that battered our landscape this winter, and the return of the flora and fauna that show nature at its liveliest. Every... [Read more...]

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