The Jesuit Post Takes Over Dominicana

This article is from our special April 1st edition of Dominicana Blog. Read “Jesuitica and The Dominican Post” for more details.

Editor’s note: Following a lengthy and ancient tradition of taking Jesuits prisoner, the Friars Preachers from Dominicana Blog have seized The Jesuit Post until further notice. We’ve begun negotiations, but seriously, have you ever tried to argue with a Dominican?  Point, sub-point, sub-sub-point. As the philosopher said, “This could take a long time!” We’re pretty sure we’ll eventually get TJP back (we think we finally have some serious pull in Rome). But until then, turnabout is fair play, so we hacked our way into Dominicana (hint: “angelicdoctor” is a really obvious password). In the meantime, and if the friars haven’t pulled them down for theological censorship, here’s a top ten list of our best posts.  — Eric Sundrup, SJ, Editor-in-Chief of The Jesuit Post

27.5 Signs You Went to a Catholic University

Waiting to See: The Advocate and Francis

The Beauty of Breastfeeding

The Five Best Pieces of Jesuit Wisdom I’ve Ever Heard

What’s So Weird About A Jesuit Pope?

Speaking in Tongues: Top 10 Foreign Language Songs

You Will Become Catholic

Sh*t Christian Poets Say: The Problems of God-Talk, Sentimentality, and Style


God Has Not Been Idle with the Young

Image: Anonymous, Vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola

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