Dominicana 10:3 — December 1925

//Dominicana 10:3 — December 1925
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Table of Contents


The Incarnation — Edmund Rocks, O.P.

The Harvest (Verse) — Celestine Rooney, O.P.

Christ Our Exemplar — George Kinsella, O.P.

The College of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Dominican House of Studies at River Forest, Ill. — Bernard Walker, O.P.

Bethlehem’s Wood (Verse) — Augustine Roberts, O.P.

The Human Christ — Martin Shea, O.P.

A Plea For More Conversions — Joachim Bauer, O.P.

The Crib of Ara Coeli — Andrew Nowlen, O.P.

Obedience — Francis Vollmer, O.P.

Patron Saints — Antoninus Brady, O.P.

Church, School and Home — Editors

Friars’ Bookshelf — Various

Cloister Chronicle

Index Supplement of Dominicana (vol. X, 1925) — Editors