Dominicana 11:3 — September 1926

//Dominicana 11:3 — September 1926
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The Master General — Brendan Connolly, O.P.

Dominican Devotion to the Sacred Heart in the Middle Ages — Urban Bergkamp, O.P.

Our Seraphic Brother Saint Francis — Augustine Skehan, O.P.

St. Rose’s Priory — Athanasius M. McLoughlin, O.P.

Temples of the Holy Ghost — Joachim Bauer, O.P.

The Superiority of Science — Walter Farrell, O.P.

The Analogy of Theology — Francis Vollmer, O.P.

Obituary: Very Rev. George Ignatius Conlan, O.P.

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle