Dominicana 1:2 — June 1916

//Dominicana 1:2 — June 1916
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Our Master General — Celestine Daly, O.P.

The Olive Branch — Aquinas McDonnell, O.P.

Shakespeare and the Friars — Sylvester Considine O.P.

Most Reverend J. S. Alemany, O.P. — Sebastian Bohan, O.P.

Heavenly Knowledge — Matthew Mulvey, O.P.

Month of the Roses (Verse) — Ceslaus McEniry, O.P.

Is War Ever Right? — Martin McDermott, O.P.

Lay Apostles of Charity — Xavier Dolan, O.P.

The King’s Cup-bearer, verse — Hyacinth Chandler, O.P.

Thoughts and Deeds (Verse) — Damian Kennedy, O.P.

Columbus and the Holy Name — Damian Kennedy, O.P.

Home (Verse) — Theodore Finnegan, O.P.

Heroines of War — Andrew Pope, O.P.

Within the Cloister

To Our Friends