Dominicana 12:2 — June 1927

//Dominicana 12:2 — June 1927
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Tonsure and Minor Orders — Hilary Mulcahy, O.P.

The Living Host (Verse) — Nicholas Walsh, O.P.

St. Dominic – A Statesman — Bernard Walker, O.P.

Bl. Imelda – Patroness of First Communicants — Emmanuel Nugent, O.P.

The Natural Desire For Beatitude — Humbert Kane, O.P.

June (Verse) — Camillus Boyd, O.P.

Exaggerated Nationalism — Theodore English, O.P.

The Most Reverend Julian Raymond Riveiro y Jacinto, O.P., D.D. — Reginald Smith, O.P.

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle