Dominicana 1:4 — December 1916

//Dominicana 1:4 — December 1916
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Saint Dominic’s Seventy-Seventh Successor — Edmund Rogers, O.P.

The Confirmation of the Order — Luke Thornton, O.P.

The Seventh Centenary Celebration — Anthony O’Connell, O.P.

Centenary Celebration in Canada — Ceslaus McEniry, O.P.

The New American Souls — Hyacinth Chandler, O.P.

A Dual Celebration — Raphael Burke, O.P.

Immaculate Conception — Bertrand Gorman, O.P.

A Great Dominican — Albert Muller, O.P.

Luther the Catholic — Thomas M. Gabisch, O.P.

Dominican Exiles in the United States — Stanislaus McDermott, O.P.

In Memoriam — Athanasius Burke, O.P.

With the Missionaries — Ferrer Kienberger, O.P.

The Universal Peacemaker — Innocent Smith, O.P.

Within the Cloister