Dominicana 19:2 — June 1934

//Dominicana 19:2 — June 1934
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The Seventh Centenary of Saint Dominic’s Canonization

Do We Owe God Anything? — Leo Novacki, O.P.

Priesthood (Verse) — Anselm Vitie, O.P.

Catholic Reflections on the Fourth of July — Patrick M. Walsh, O.P.

Is There a Christian Philosophy? — Mark Egan, O.P.

Saint Dominic and the Cumans — Hilary Neal, O.P.

Moral Standards — Gerard Precourt, O.P.

Priority of the Intellect in the Paradiso — Antoninus Baverso, O.P.

The Bible – A Synthesis of Life — Matthew Osbourn, O.P.

Obituary: Reverend Thomas M. Schwertner, O.P., S.T.Lr., LL.D.

Obituary: Reverend Joseph Alphonsus Ginet, O.P.

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