Dominicana 2:3 — December 1917

//Dominicana 2:3 — December 1917
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Table of Contents


The Festival of Christmas — Ferrer Kienberger, O.P.

Stars (Verse) — Gabriel Knauff, O.P.

The Virgin Mother — Damian Kennedy, O.P.

The Fitness of the Incarnation — Sylvester Considine, O.P.

Father Kelly’s Silver Jubilee — Justin McManus, O.P.

A Sower of Infinite Seed: John Boyle O’Reilly — Cornelius McCarthy, O.P.

Immaculate (Verse) — Bartholomew Reilly, O.P.

Obituary: The Rev. Fr. William F. Linahan, O.P.

The Call — Clement Donovan, O.P.

To the Christ-Child — Bartholomew Reilly, O.P.

The Reward — Stanislaus McDermott, O.P.

A Plea for Living in the Country — Andrew Pope, O.P.

Dominican Necrology

Friar’s Bookshelf

Within the Cloister