Dominicana 3:1 — June 1918

//Dominicana 3:1 — June 1918
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Table of Contents


St. Thomas and the Blessed Sacrament — Cornelius McCarthy, O.P.

Why Choirs? — Bartholomew Reilly, O.P.

America’s Flower (Verse) — Chrysostom Kearns, O.P.

St. John of Cologne, O.P., and His Companions: The Martyrs of Gorcum — Boniface Stratemeier, O.P.

Queen of Peace (Verse) — Reginald Hughes, O.P.

The Classic Commentator – Thomas De Vio Cajetanus, O.P — Albert Muller, O.P.

Dominican Sisters at Texas State University — Edmund Rogers, O.P.

Heart of Hearts (Verse) — Gabriel Knauff, O.P.

The Master General’s Visitation in the Orient — Thomas M. Gabisch, O.P.

Obituary: The Most Rev. Henry M. Desqueyrous, O.P. — Xavier Dolan, O.P.

Obituary: V. Rev. Antoninus M. Dummermuth, O.P., S.T.M.

Dedication of Church of St. Vincent Ferrer — Bonaventure Neitzey, O.P.

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Within the Cloister