Dominicana 31:2 — June 1946

//Dominicana 31:2 — June 1946
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Ordination Class of St. Joseph’s Province

Ordination Class of St. Albert’s Province


Co-Laborers with Christ — Thomas Imwalle, O.P.

The Character of Dominican Contemplation — Mannes Rogers, O.P.

The Character of Dominican Action — Mark Heath, O.P., and Paul M. Starrs, O.P.

The Weeping Virgin of the Alps — Hugh M. McBrien, O.P.

Obituary: The Reverend Richard Jerome Meaney, O.P.

Obituary: The Very Reverend Bernard Charles Murray, O.P., P.G.

Obituary: The Reverend Edward Lawrence van Beclaere, O.P., S.T.L.r.

Obituary: The Very Reverend John Sebastian Owens, O.P.

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Cloister Chronicle