Dominicana 39:1 — March 1954

//Dominicana 39:1 — March 1954
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Editorial: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Grace of Easter Morn – Baptism Through Mary — Bonaventure Schepers, O.P. and Michael Jelly, O.P.

Signs For Our Times — Matthew Donahue, O.P.

The Prince and the Queen — Lawrence Keitz, O.P.

St. Thomas’ Explanation of the Hail Mary — St. Thomas Aquinas O.P. translated and annotated by Louis Every, O.P.

Sacred Art and the Immaculate Conception — Bruno Mondor, O.P.

The Resurrection – Death To Doubt — Justin Hennessey, O.P.

Obituary: The Very Reverend Hubert Hugh Welsh, O.P., P.G.

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