Dominicana 45:1 — Spring 1960

//Dominicana 45:1 — Spring 1960
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Table of Contents


Editorial: The Reality of Things

Theology: An Introduction — Thomas LeFort, O.P.

In the Image of God or Madison Avenue? — J. D. Campbell, O.P.

The Worship of the Church — Anselm M. Egan, O.P.

‘Mystici Corporis’ and the Lay Apostolate — Marcellus M. Coskren, O.P.

Living the Old Testament — Henry M. Camacho, O.P.

Genesis 1-3: A Jewish Catechism — John Vianney Becker, O.P.

The Christian and Philosophy — Justin M. Cunningham, O.P.

The Sanctifier — Luis M. Martinez

Friars’ Bookshelf

Obituary: Rev. Vincent Dominic Dolan, O.P.

Cloister Chronicle