Dominicana 47:1 — Spring 1962

//Dominicana 47:1 — Spring 1962
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The Challenge of Thomism — Reginald M. Durbin, O.P.

The Metaphysics Reviewed — T.C. O’Brien, O.P.

Dear Father … 1866 — Bernard Chocarne, O.P. translated by Reginald Coffey, O.P.

The Rebirth of the Diaconate in the Roman Catholic Church — Josef Hornef, trans. by Joseph Albert Doshner, O.P.

An Introduction to the Theology of St. Joseph — Joseph Payne, O.P.

Evil’s Hold on Human Life — Vincent Watson, O.P.

The Providence of God — Humbert Gustina, O.P.

In the Wilderness Prepare the Way — Celestine Ryan, O.P.

The World’s First Love — Fulton J. Sheen

Book Reviews

Obituary: The Very Reverend Matthew L. Osbourn, O.P.

Cloister Chronicle