Dominicana 48:3 — Fall 1963

//Dominicana 48:3 — Fall 1963
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The Ecumenical Council: Antidote for Schism — Maurice B. Schepers, O.P.

The Catholic Chaplain in the American University — Richard Butler, O.P.

Marked Out By Christ — Gregory H. Gustina, O.P.

The Wonder-Worker of Saint Matthew’s Gospel — Albert Doshner, O.P.

Orthodox Brethren — John V. Walsh, O.P.

What is the Philosophy of Science? — Aquinas Williams, O.P., Antoninus Dempsey, O.P., and Luke Prest, O.P.

The Christian Fathers and Christian Music — Antoninus Dyer, O.P.

Book Reviews

Obituary: Very Rev. John Henry Healy

Obituary: Rev. Francis Quitman Beckley

The Return of the Archbishop: Joseph Sadoc Alemany — Francis J. Weber

Cloister Chronicle