Dominicana 5:3 — December 1920

//Dominicana 5:3 — December 1920
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Three Masses of Christmas Day — Andrew Pope, O.P.

Our Infant God (Verse) — Damian Goggins, O.P.

“Said the Fool in His Heart: ‘There is No God’ “ — Martin McDermott, O.P.

A Unique Ruler — Francis McCadden, O.P.

The Shepherds — Gregory Herold, O.P.

Why Seven Sacraments? — Ceslaus McEniry, O.P.

A Remarkable Conversion — Reginald Hughes, O.P.

Obituary: The Very Rev. Damien M. Saintourens, O.P. — Benedict Dion, O.P.

The Friars’ Book-shelf

The Cloister Chronicle

Observances on Indulgences

Dominican Calendar and Indulgences, 1921