Dominicana 7:3 — December 1922

//Dominicana 7:3 — December 1922
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Dame Nature on Christmas Eve (Verse) — Gregory Herold, O.P.

A Living Wage — Charles Gainor, O.P.

The Mass Stipend — Francis McCadden, O.P.

God’s Love on Life’s Stage — Mark Della Penta, O.P.

The Nativity of Jesus in Poetry — Humbert Kane, O.P.

A Perfect Friendship — Gregory Herold, O.P.

The Passions: A Gift from God — Leonard Callahan, O.P.

Pasteur, Scientist and Catholic — Louis Clark, O.P.

Obituary: Brother Alexander Rocks, O.P. — William Roach, O.P.

Obituary: Reverend Francis A. Gaffney, O.P. — Ambrose Smith, O.P.

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