Dominicana 7:4 — March 1923

//Dominicana 7:4 — March 1923
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Archbishop Pietro Fumasoni-Biondi, Newly Appointed Delegate to the United States — Augustine Naselli, O.P.

Coue’s Cures — Edward Brennan, O.P.

The Morality of the Strike — Andrew Nowlen, O.P.

The Mount of the Holy Cross (Verse) — Francis Vollmer, O.P.

Active Mysticism — Albert Drexelius, O.P.

On Reading St. Augustine (Verse) — Gregory Herold, O.P.

How the World Will End — Philip Archdeacon, O.P.

Very Rev. Ignatius Smith, O.P., S.T.Lr., Ph.D. — Mark O’Dowd, O.P.

The Dominicans and the Catechism of the Council of Trent — Theodore English, O.P.

Spring (Verse) — Arthur Kelly, O.P.

The Fascisti and the Church — Christopher Perrotta, O.P.

The Church: Easter Eggs

The School: The Project Method

The Home: The Child Problem

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle

Index Supplement of Dominicana (Vol. VII)