Is It Worth It?

///Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

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As the sun in shining looks on all living things,
so the work of the Lord is full of his glory.

Are complements complete?
           Sunlight resurrects dust
           upon this composed dust
           awaiting its own entombment.

This dust travails: Taxed. Worn. Spent.
           All by endeavored communications,
           feigned camaraderie,
           attempted communion.

Reaching beyond itself
          from lowliness to loveliness
          from empty passivity to perfect participation.
Advancing where nature has been left wanting:
          ambition’s anabolism
          (just as wanting as the one who wants).

When this dust sees, it will know,
and when it knows, it will love,
and when it loves, it will live.
           And live anew.
           Truly so.

Is anything worth any thing?
             Let eternity hear our resounding: Yes!
For in all things, this dust clings
to the crimson-christened Feet.
            Nothing more. Nothing less.

Image: Hands, Clapping, Dust, Flour

About this Brother:

Br. John Thomas Fisher, O.P.

Br. John Thomas Fisher grew up in Easley, SC. After becoming a Catholic ​in high school, he studied philosophy and French at the University of South Carolina. Upon graduating, he worked at a bookstore and church doing maintenance for a year before entering the Order in 2013. Brother John Thomas first became acquainted with the Dominicans during a trip in college to Rome. On