Fr. Robert Barron

“The work of Dominicana Journal is a sign of the Holy Spirit’s presence in the life of the American… [more]

Fr. Robert Barron Fr. Robert Barron

Kathryn Jean Lopez

"Dominicana is a window into the blessed lives of the student brothers of the Province of St. Joseph… [more]

Kathryn Jean Lopez Kathryn Jean Lopez

Donald Cardinal Wuerl

“In living out the charism of their founder, St. Dominic, the Order of Preachers has for 800 years… [more]

Donald Cardinal Wuerl Donald Cardinal Wuerl

Dr. Rusty Reno, Ph. D.

"Dominicana gives us analysis, reflection, and commentary from the heart of the Church. That's something… [more]

Dr. Rusty Reno, Ph. D. Dr. Rusty Reno, Ph. D.

Dana Gioia, PH. D.

"One of the great works of the present moment is to bring the Church back into a meaningful conversation… [more]

Dana Gioia, PH. D. Dana Gioia, PH. D.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan

“The Catholic intellectual tradition has long benefitted from the work of the Order of Preachers, beginning… [more]

Timothy Cardinal Dolan Timothy Cardinal Dolan

The Conviction of Things Not Seen


The Christian faith is about God—not only because God is its subject-matter, but also because God is its source. God had something to say to us, something he thought it would be good for us to know, and something which, if he had not told us, we would not otherwise have known. The Christian faith, therefore, is a kind of knowledge, because it arises... [Read more...]

Striving for Greatness

Church of the Gesu

“You are fine just the way you are.” Those who have attended secular educational institutions in the past few decades have heard this mantra of self-acceptance repeated ad nauseam. We even hear the line echoed on tv or in our songs and music.  There is something reassuring about this line because it is half true. Indeed, God loves us and we are... [Read more...]

More Recent Articles

The Irony of Church Tours

Saint Peter's Basilica

“What a beautiful church!”  “Look at the arches!”  “What saint is that?” “What does that inscription say?” I have been spoiled with beautiful churches. From my home parish, to the Basilica at Notre Dame, to the chapel at our House of Studies in DC, and even this summer at St. Vincent Ferrer in New York City, I have enjoyed breath-taking churches for most of my life. As a consequence, I have been around... [Read more...]

Doomed to Celibacy


Everybody loves marriage. We’re taught to adore it from the time we are kids. In fairy tales Prince and Princess Charming’s wedding begins the Happily Ever After. Countless people are avid followers of the latest celebrity marriages. And many spend outrageous amounts of money attempting to imitate them, trying to construct a perfect beginning to their own Happily Ever After. So in the recent Supreme Court case on marriage, Justice Kennedy isn’t... [Read more...]

In Consideration of Dust


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Suddenly, there was a material reality. For us, matter is the fundamental and most apparent level of reality. When we want to say that something’s “really there,” we render it as material as possible. We say, “It’s concrete.” “It’s tangible.” “It’s flesh and blood.” When we want to say that something’s not very real, we render it as lightweight and immaterial as possible.... [Read more...]

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