Fr. Robert Barron

“The work of Dominicana Journal is a sign of the Holy Spirit’s presence in the life of the American… [more]

Fr. Robert Barron Fr. Robert Barron

Kathryn Jean Lopez

"Dominicana is a window into the blessed lives of the student brothers of the Province of St. Joseph… [more]

Kathryn Jean Lopez Kathryn Jean Lopez

Donald Cardinal Wuerl

“In living out the charism of their founder, St. Dominic, the Order of Preachers has for 800 years… [more]

Donald Cardinal Wuerl Donald Cardinal Wuerl

Dr. Rusty Reno, Ph. D.

"Dominicana gives us analysis, reflection, and commentary from the heart of the Church. That's something… [more]

Dr. Rusty Reno, Ph. D. Dr. Rusty Reno, Ph. D.

Dana Gioia, PH. D.

"One of the great works of the present moment is to bring the Church back into a meaningful conversation… [more]

Dana Gioia, PH. D. Dana Gioia, PH. D.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan

“The Catholic intellectual tradition has long benefitted from the work of the Order of Preachers, beginning… [more]

Timothy Cardinal Dolan Timothy Cardinal Dolan

The Lord God Will Be Their Light


While it is important to consider the mysteries of the life of the Lord as the Church’s calendar presents them to us, it is also helpful to contemplate them throughout the year. Ordinary Time can offer us an opportunity to see both how the events of Jesus’ earthly life formed part of a unified plan and how they continue to reveal the truth to us... [Read more...]

Virginity and Human Happiness


Can anyone esteem any beauty greater than a virgin’s…?   Why ascribe such a mystique to virginity?  Are we listening to the voice of a love-stricken Romeo from a bygone era? In fact, the statement comes from St. Ambrose of Milan (c. 337-397 AD); he continues, “…[the virgin] is beloved by her King, approved by her Judge, dedicated to her... [Read more...]

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“Rivalry ought really to be considered a good.” The Dominican saint Catherine de Ricci wrote this provocative statement in a letter on Palm Sunday. Her words seem to parallel those of Gordon Gekko, the notorious villain from Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, who proclaimed, “the point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” St. Paul condemns Gekko in writing, “The love of money is the root of all evils” (1... [Read more...]

Coughdrops or Candles?


An attentive Christian will pick up on many quirks in the course of the liturgical year, and today’s blessing of the throats can certainly be numbered among them. Yesterday was a bit easier to understand. On Candlemas, the Church commemorates Christ’s presentation and dedication 40 days after His birth. It is a joyful day, one that serves as the last reverberation of the Christmas season. However, the commemoration is bittersweet; the old man... [Read more...]

Interceding Discreetly


Shepherds, you that go Up through the sheepfolds to the hill, If by chance you see Him I love most, Tell Him that I sicken, suffer, and die -St. John of the Cross, “The Spiritual Canticle”, Stanza II As a student friar with limited external ministries, I have the privilege of being able to devote more time to private prayer than some of my more active and apostolically engaged brethren. It is a tremendous blessing and responsibility to pray, as... [Read more...]

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