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Paradiso_Canto_31 “All human actions must be for an end.” Thus argues our brother St. Thomas Aquinas, and the principle applies to collective endeavors no less than to the acts of individuals. In the pages of Dominicana you will encounter a variety of perspectives on an array of topics, from economics to the eschaton, from pop culture to divine providence. You will discover pieces on beauty and the arts, on Church and family, on themes theological and philosophical. You will find poetry and music, dialogues and discourses, literary reflections and meditations on virtue.

What unites this panoply of offerings? What is the end toward which Dominicana aims? In a word: seeking happiness in truth. All human beings desire happiness. In these pages we offer a vision of attaining that toward which all people strive. It is a vision marked by our Dominican heritage with its motto Veritas (Truth) and guided by the expansive thought of our brother, St. Thomas. It is a vision that seeks to connect with the most basic of human aspirations: joy, friendship, peace, love. It is a vision that affirms all that is noble in culture, that proposes virtue as the path to true happiness, and that insists on the goodness of creation – a creation destined to be brought to fullness and perfection by the grace of God. To a world in which many seem to despair of realizing their deepest desires, we re-propose the gospel, the good news that in Jesus Christ happiness and fulfillment are attainable. May your visit help you along the path toward the goal you seek.

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