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Dominicana is a publication of the Dominican student brothers of the St. Joseph Province of the Order of Preachers. We live and study at the Dominican House of Studies and at St. Dominic’s Priory, both in Washington, D.C. Our lives are given over to prayer, the intellectual life, and preaching. Blog posts are updated every weekday, and the journal appears twice a year.

In 1916, the brothers of the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph began to publish a student-run journal out of the basement of the House of Studies in Washington, D.C. They called the journal Dominicana, as it offered a wide variety of articles on matters theological and Dominican and contained news about the Province. The challenge of writing and editing the journal provided an opportunity for them to grow in zeal for the Dominican charism, and many of the brothers found it fruitful.

Publication of Dominicana ceased in 1968 but was revived with vol. 54, no. 1, published in the spring of 2011. Dominicana has been expanded with the relaunch, and it is now a semiannual journal accompanied by a blog, which posts every weekday. From fiction to theology, interviews to book reviews, debates to poetry, each issue of the journal strives to offer its readers a uniquely contemplative and Dominican perspective on an expansive array of topics.

The work of Dominicana has recently grown to include musical albums and talks given by the brothers. The albums produced by Dominicana Records have come out of our daily life of sung liturgical prayer. The student brothers also regularly give talks in various roles around Washington. Our annual Advent and Lent series have been recorded and are available online, as is a video series produced specifically for Dominicana for the Year of Faith.

The Order’s Fundamental Constitution says that “the Order of Friars Preachers, founded by St. Dominic, is known to have been established, from the beginning, for preaching and the salvation of souls.” We strive to speak always “to God or about God” and to imitate the Apostles’ own way of life, as did our father St. Dominic. Daily celebration of the Eucharistic liturgy and observance of the Divine Office impel us to preach and give our preaching its character. This then is our singular aim: the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whose name we labor to spread to the ends of the earth. With the help of God’s grace, we pray that our work in Dominicana will make us more zealous preachers of the Gospel and serve in some way to draw our readers closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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