Dominicana Journal: Winter 2016 print issue is here!

Merry Christmas!

The newest issue of the print journal has arrived! Dominicana is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding as a print journal. Discontinued in 1968, refounded in 2011, this publication gives you the writings of the student brothers, with greater length and variety of genre.

An interview with philosopher Rémi Brague, who “prefers a good plumber to a bad philosopher”; an architect-friar’s interpretation of his Dominican habitats; a translation of the French Dominican spiritual master Pierre-Thomas Dehau, who consoled artists and philosophers with the joyful weight of the Cross. A subscription to the print journal gets you these and similar pieces, and includes online access and PDF downloads. Dive ever deeper into the world of Dominican letters!

Individuals may subscribe below. If you’d like to purchase a subscription as a gift or for an educational institution, religious house, or campus ministry, please see our other subscription options.

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Dominicana is published by the Dominican student brothers of the Province of Saint Joseph.