Robert Zünd, Gang nach Emmaus Emmaus

At last. Here look! See Love. Ye who do go conversing sad. Ye who see now Your Lord drawing near And yet see Him not. Ye for whom Love Had died upon the gibbet Drowned in blood that dread Friday afternoon And all was thought lost. At last. Here look! See Love. Ye for whom both prophets and eyewitnesses... [Read more...]

Mother Angelica’s Reality TV

Mother Angelica 3 Mother Angelica’s Reality TV

The first place I saw Mother Angelica was somewhere between the channels of a PBS documentary and a QVC jewelry auction. A Franciscan Poor Clare clad in a full religious habit beamed before a camera to discuss the sacrament of reconciliation. An eye patch graced her left eye while the right eye pierced... [Read more...]

Lenten Conference Audio: Beholding Light

Lenten Conference Audio: Beholding Light

Dominicana is happy to offer this audio recording of “Beholding Light: Living and Recognizing the Realities of Grace.” It was given by Br. Hyacinth Grubb, O.P. as the final installment of the 2017 Lenten Conferences at the Dominican House of Studies. Listen to the whole series on our Audio Page. Series... [Read more...]

The Stones Cry Out

https://pixabay.com/en/stones-rocks-beach-shore-nature-1928254/ The Stones Cry Out

Forged treasure found in rock. Fit to fashion a tray for a head. Not bread. Carved and trimmed, the finest for the finest king, or so they said. The sparkling-spined rim circumferencing a bloody brow. It gazes and glazes now. On journey. Rocks razed from mountains rough that have seen enough to barely... [Read more...]

The Eucharist: Grace for Tired Spirits

A food sign The Eucharist: Grace for Tired Spirits

“Food tastes so good when you’re hungry!” Veritas from the lips of babes. This time it’s your ten-year-old son who has just worked his tail off after 60 minutes of hard-played soccer. And he’s right. After all, that’s what food is for! The Scriptures gratefully acknowledge the blessing of... [Read more...]

The Glamour of Evil

Peter Paul Rubens, Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria The Glamour of Evil

In the middle of the rite of Baptism, right before the water is poured, the parents and godparents are asked if they reject Satan and “the glamour of evil.” It’s a curious phrase. Their whole life ahead of them, young infants are entrusted with the most precious gift on the planet,... [Read more...]

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