St. Agnes and the Women’s March

Capitol Plaza (CC BY-SA 3.0 by Wikimedia user) St. Agnes and the Women’s March

“Jesus Christ was recklessly charitable,” a wise friar told me after hundreds of people lined up to use the restroom at a Dominican priory. There were not enough restrooms set up for the Women’s March that took place in Washington, DC, the day after the presidential inauguration. I found this out... [Read more...]

Your Saint Too

Unknown artist, San Thomas Aquino Your Saint Too

On Saturday, we Dominicans celebrated the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas with special solemnity. For us, the feast is always accompanied by a certain sense of fraternal pride. After all, this great saint and Doctor of the Church, held up by several popes as the Church’s principal theologian, was one... [Read more...]

The Long View

Image: Bernadette Carstensen, Beloved Dominican Saints. Copyright © 2015 Dominican Province of Saint Joseph. The Long View

The Dominicans are almost 800 years and 1 month old. Tomorrow the Order of Preachers officially concludes its 800th Jubilee Celebration on the anniversary of the second bull issued by Pope Honorius III concerning the friars, which granted additional privileges and protections to the new religious community... [Read more...]

What are you?

Dominicans caroling in Washington, DC. Copyright © 2012 Province of Saint Joseph. What are you?

“So, what ARE you, anyway?” This is a question Dominicans get asked frequently. People don’t expect to see a bunch of young and joyful men wearing 13th-century garb—who are not play actors. I typically give the answer that we are friars, sort of like St. Francis, but in the particular fashion... [Read more...]

To Build a Desert in the City

To Build a Desert in the City

A New Testament scholar of our province, Fr. Anthony Giambrone recently completed doctoral work at the University of Notre Dame. In addition to his studies at  Mt. St. Mary’s of the West Seminary and the Dominican House of Studies, he has received degrees from The Catholic University of America... [Read more...]

Notes on the Dialogue

Notes on the Dialogue

Like a medieval tapestry, the Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena depicts a host of colorful images. This author hopes that a few more images will not hurt our understanding of this book, and may even, like the light of a certain time of day, reveal things large and small, new and old, in Catherine’s... [Read more...]

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