Episode 9: The Quest Stands upon the Edge of a Knife

Recently ordained Fr. Ambrose Little, O.P., speaks about the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity (CCC, 232–237):

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Keep Calm and Pray On Last week saw my anger flare up more than it has in a long time. Each student brother has some special duty around the priory. Mine is to purchase office supplies, toiletries, and snacks for the student brothers. It is a great privilege to serve the common good in such an apparent way. There is a certain joy in seeing brothers in class using the pencil I picked out (it was the cheapest per millimeter of lead for its strength) on the filler ...
Violence to the Truth If you take the news and put it in theaters, you can make big money—or at least this seems to be the thinking behind many blockbusters in recent years. Themes of terrorism and insurgency have become common, for example, and they are often portrayed in film with much of the violence that accompanies them in reality. Yet there is something fundamentally false about this. It goes without saying that Hollywood violence is supposed to be entirely fabr...
Episode 4: The Message Needs an Interpreter Br. Clement Dickie, O.P., speaks about Scripture, Tradition, and the Church (CCC, 80–87): http://youtu.be/rNjt6Tuj2oM See the whole series
Should We Preach to the Choir? We don’t know how to agree with people we agree with. We are reminded daily that our country is riven by disagreements and that we have little hope of crossing the many cultural, political, moral, and religious divides. It’s perhaps no coincidence that our culture of division has lost its grip on what unity and agreement might look like—even among those on “our side” of the ideological chasm. The standard operating procedure seems to be repeti...

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