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Celebrating 800 Years of Dominican Life

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Following the release of In Medio Ecclesiae and Ave Maria, the friars of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C., present Gaudeamus: Celebrating 800 Years of Dominican Life. Produced by Dominicana Records and recorded in the beautiful acoustic of Washington’s Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, Gaudeamus features chants, polyphony, and modern works to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Order of Preachers.

On December 22, 1216, Pope Honorius III approved St. Dominic’s plan for an order of preaching brothers who would travel throughout Europe and beyond proclaiming the joy of life in Jesus Christ. In eight centuries, these apostolic men have developed a fraternal life marked by the celebration of the Eucharist, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, fellowship with saintly men and women of the Order, prayers for the deceased, and studious preparation for proclaiming the Word of God. The Dominican friars of the Priory of the Immaculate Conception release their third album in as many years, capturing these themes to mark the beginning of their 800th Jubilee. The album includes 5 original works by the friars. All proceeds from the sale of this album support the Dominican student brothers in Washington, DC.

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Track Listing

1. O Sacred Banquet — Vincent Ferrer Bagan, O.P. (b. 1983)
2. O sacrum convivium (chant)
3. O sacrum convivium — Mark Nowakowski (b. 1978)
4. Anima Christi — Justin Mary Bolger, O.P. (b. 1979)
5 & 6. Ave, Regina Caelorum — Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525–1594)
7. All Hail to Thee, O Virgin Bright — arr. Humbert Kilanowski, O.P. (b. 1982)
8. The Dream of Saint Joseph — Joseph Martin Hagan, O.P. (b. 1987)
9. In caelesti hierarchia (chant)
10. Hear the Voice and Prayer — Thomas Tallis (1505–1585)
11. O spem miram (chant)
12. Pie Pater (chant)
13. Magne Pater (chant)
14. Protect Thy People, O Lord — Vincent Ferrer Bagan, O.P. (b. 1983)
15. Adoramus te, Christe — Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni (1657–1743)
16. The Right Hand of the Lord — Vincent Ferrer Bagan, O.P. (b. 1983)
17. In omnem terram (chant)
18. In omnem terram — Giovanni Andrea Draconio (1550–1599)
19. Proclaim the Greatness of the Lord — traditional Irish, text by Andrew Hofer, O.P. (b. 1972)
20. Gaudeamus omnes in Domino (chant)
21. O quam gloriosum — Carl Jaspers (1835–1882)
22. Requiem aeternam (chant)
23. Lux aeterna (chant)
24. Beati mortui — Felix Mendelssohn (1809–1847)

Ave Maria: Dominican Chant for the Immaculate Conception

When the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph built a House of Studies in Washington, D.C., at the start of the twentieth century, the friars wanted to dedicate the new foundation to the Blessed Virgin. Just over fifty years after the solemn proclamation of the dogma concerning Mary’s perpetual preservation from the stain of original sin, the Dominicans of the United States opened the Priory of the Immaculate Conception. Therefore, when we decided to record and produce a new album, we naturally decided to dedicate it to she who is the honor of our race, she who was conceived without sin.

Recorded in the beautiful acoustic of Washington’s Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, Ave Maria features chants for the Mass of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and for Compline on Marian feasts. This recording creatively juxtaposes two sets of chants that are proper to the feast of the Immaculate Conception: the common chants for the Blessed Virgin Mary dating back to the medieval period and chants that were adapted or composed in the late nineteenth century for the new proper texts given to this feast after the proclamation of the dogma. Along with the medieval Mass, the schola sings the chants of Dominican Mass V, which has typically been reserved for celebrations honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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December’s Most Celebrated Mother: National Review Online

It’s that mother to whom a group of Dominican friars turn in song in a new CD, Ave MariaDominican Chant for the Immaculate Conception. The schola cantorum (i.e., “school of singers,” an old-school word for “choir”) at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C., honors the young woman whose “yes” to God is the stuff of Christmas and salvation history.

In an interview with National Review Online, Brother Vincent Ferrer Bagan, O.P. (for “Order of Preachers,” as Dominicans are known), talks about Ave Maria, music, faith, and Marian misunderstandings. [Read More…] 

In Medio Ecclesiae: Music for the New Evangelization

Recorded in historic St. Dominic’s Church in downtown Washington, D.C., the friars of the Dominican House of Studies, Province of St. Joseph, present In Medio Ecclesiae, the first release from Dominicana Records. Directed by Fr. James Moore, O.P., In Medio Ecclesiae offers some of the finest chant and polyphonic treasures of the Church’s musical tradition as well as two new compositions by Dominican friars. Proceeds from the sale of this album contribute to the educational and other needs of the Dominican students.

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The Friars’ Song: National Review Online

Go to the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C., on any given day and morning Mass is packed with young men studying to be priests in the Dominican Order (celebrating its 800th anniversary in 2016). Some of those student friars (distinctive for their black and white habits and study of Thomas Aquinas) have released a CD, In Medio Ecclesiae (in the midst of the Church), of songs covering the liturgical year. Brother Vincent Ferrer Bagan, a former music teacher and director and co-director of the Dominican ScholaCantorum, talks with National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about the music and the life.” [Read More…]

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