A food sign The Eucharist: Grace for Tired Spirits

“Food tastes so good when you’re hungry!” Veritas from the lips of babes. This time it’s your ten-year-old son who has just worked his tail off after 60 minutes of hard-played soccer. And he’s right. After all, that’s what food is for! The Scriptures gratefully acknowledge the blessing of food and drink: God gave “wine to gladden their... [Read more...]

Fresh bread A Word for Bread

Editor’s note: This is the fourth post in a series commenting on the first words of Christ as presented in the Gospels. It is written,“One does not live by bread alone.” (Lk 4:4) With our modern dietary aversion to gluten and carbohydrates, bread has fallen on some hard times. The full weight of these first words of the adult Jesus from Luke’s... [Read more...]

Jacob Jordaens, The Bean King (The King Drinks) The Phat Man Challenge

One Fat Tuesday during my dissolute youth, I accepted an invitation to participate in an annual eating contest known as the Phat Man Challenge. The test: eat a 1.5 lb triple cheeseburger and a 1.5 lb plate of chili cheese fries in 25 minutes. The prize: everlasting glory, and a t-shirt. After 24 and a half minutes, feeling sicker than I’d ever felt... [Read more...]

Feed When Hungry

Searching for a leaking oil cask deep in the hold of Captain Ahab’s Pequod, the ship’s crew begins to transfer the contents of the hull up to the deck—stores of food, casks of water, coils of rope, packets of tools, and barrel after barrel of whale oil—until all that was stored in the hull of the ship is massed and piled about on the overcrowded... [Read more...]