Saintly Fathers & Manly Virtues

God is our Father. For Christians, this truth is a fundamental one, yet it has fallen on tough times. I once led a retreat for high school students. The main talk focused on God as our Father. Midway through the retreat, a worried teacher pulled me aside. She was concerned that this discussion of fatherhood and God was problematic. A few students had... [Read more...]

Gerard_David_-_Christ_Nailed_to_the_Cross_-_Google_Art_Project Nails

Nails Now place the nail, my lovely lad         and grip your hammer low; Now raise it high above your head,         and firmly strike your blow. Once more raise up your arm again         once more hit hard your steel, But mind your hand, let not the weight         your gentle fingers feel. Well struck, my boy! Right manfully ... [Read more...]

Francesco Conti, Saint Joseph with Christ Child 5 Ways St. Joseph Can Help Your Lent

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on March 19, 2015. How can St. Joseph help you this Lent?  I propose five ways.  Simplicity In John 6, when Jesus boldly declares, “I am the bread of life,” his hearers murmur among themselves and ask, “Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph?”  (Jn 6:41).  Apparently, they considered Joseph... [Read more...]

Tongues of Fire

As preachers of the Word-made-flesh, the apostles of Jesus Christ understand the power of words. They know our voices can praise the Lord and announce His marvelous works. Therefore they sharply admonish us not to sin with our tongue. St. James writes in his Epistle, Consider how a small fire can set a huge forest ablaze. The tongue is also a fire.... [Read more...]

Dominicans and the Message of Knock

Angels adore the victorious Lamb as St. John proclaims the glorious revelation to which he was witness. Mary, the Queen of Heaven, and St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse, give thanks and praise before the altar of the Most High God. This celestial scene, which we all hope one day to behold in Heaven, was witnessed one August evening in 1879 outside... [Read more...]

Loving Arms and Hands Held Together

Joseph sees the end of his day drawing to a close. He and his assistants are nearing completion on some cabinets and tables—putting the last touches of detail into an intricate project. As he sends his workmen off, he cleans up his shop noticing the sweat and dirt he has acquired from working with wood and tools. Just as he is putting the last of... [Read more...]

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