0. A New Beginning (with 13th century style)!


When we receive the habit, the prior asks, “What do you seek?” The novices-to-be respond, “God’s mercy and yours.” Check out Br. Thomas Davenport’s recent post on why we wear the habit.

1. Preaching the Gospel


It doesn’t really get any more basic than this for the Order of Preachers. Some of our most famous preachers never even got into a pulpit. But of course, many others did.

2. Keepin’ it real in the capital


Life is a good thing. We want to witness to that wherever we are. God made us. And he made us to be happy. Thanks, God!

3. Living in Community


It’s not surprising we gather around food. As Jesus comes to us in a Sacred Banquet, so we find communion with each other at our meals and special occasions like “biscuits” on Australia Day, pictured here. (Don’t worry, though – we still do penance, too.)

4. The Contemplative Life


It’s hard to forget to pray when your beads clack every step you take. The famous saying of St. Thomas sums it all up pretty well. We contemplate…

5. And the Active


…and what we’ve contemplated, we hand on to others. (Thomas has an answer for everything!)

6. Experiencing the Liturgy


It’s an honor to share in the sacred traditions of the Church, like this blessing of the candles on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. God created and his creation returns to him. It’s all good, baby.

7. Sacred Study


Once a student, always a student. Here you see professors, chaplains, pastors (even a bishop!), and much, much, more, all listening attentively to a lecture. No ministry is exempt from life-long learning.

8. Spreading Christian Joy (Just Because)


God is perfectly content and joyful. When we draw near to him, we are too. (Honestly, we weren’t selling anything here).

9. Soul and Body (Hylomorphic Fun)


We are not souls trapped in bodily prisons. In Genesis 1, God saw that his creation of the human person was very good. Here, we are playing soccer so as to win.  (Unfortunately, we let this one get away.)

10. Nice Digs


Don’t worry, we don’t want to keep this gem all to ourselves. We pray in our chapel, which is open to the public. It’s also the nicest part of the building. (Daily Mass w/Morning Prayer M-F at 7:00am, Saturday 8:00am, Sunday 11:15 Mass) (Vespers M-F 5:30pm; Saturday and Sunday 5:40pm) (Compline (beautiful – and only 15min!) Sunday-Thursday at 9:00pm)

11. Family Friendly


We join a new family in the Order (complete with Nuns, Brothers, Sisters, and Lay Fraternities), and we pray for them. But we never forget our original families, whom we pray for all the time, even after they die! Maybe you are considering a vocation but your family doesn’t understand. This could help.

12. Preaching to All Nations (b/c Jesus said so– Mt.28)


We have a mission in East Africa. Who knew going to all nations would be this fun!

13. Being Part of an 800 Year Tradition


Here is a painting by Fra Angelico (aka Bl. John of Fiesole, a 14th c. Dominican friar). Yes, it’s true, some of our brothers are dancing with angels at this very moment. (I hope they find time to pray for us.) More recently, here is a probably-soon-to-be-beatified Fulton Sheen blessing OP missionaries to Pakistan. Read more here.

14. And yet, not Being Afraid of the Future.

9190270864_83c59ed5cd_b (1).jpg

Sure, the people in our modern culture are hurting. But that’s why they need the love and mercy of God in their life. (Don’t tell anyone, but so do we!) So we’ll do whatever it takes to spread the Good News to all the earth.


(Check back for next week’s quiz on what Dominican saint you are. JK LOL)

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Br. Dominic Bouck, O.P.
Br. Dominic Bouck was born and raised in Dickinson, North Dakota, the youngest of seven children. He went to the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Catholic Studies, and Classical Languages. While at St. Thomas he studied one semester at the Angelicum in Rome, where he came to know the Dominican Friars. On DominicanFriars.org