Dominicana 13:4 — December 1928

//Dominicana 13:4 — December 1928
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The Expected of Nations — Clement Kearney, O.P.

Stella Veritatis (Verse) — Anselm Townsend, O.P.

The Coat of Arms of the Order of Preachers — Charles M. Daley, O.P.

The Christmas Sequence — Anselm M. Townsend, O.P.

The Morality of War — Leo Carolan, O.P.

A Dominican of Our Times — Bonaventure Murphy, O.P.

The Mind — Stephen McGonagle, O.P.

Per Viam Immaculatam (Verse) — Nicholas Walsh, O.P.

Obituary: Brother Francis Cooper — Mathias Heffernan, O.P.

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