Dominicana 14:3 — September 1929

//Dominicana 14:3 — September 1929
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The Madonna of the Rosary (Verse)

Concordats — Thomas M. Mulvin, O.P.

I Shall Not Fear the Night (Verse) — Bede Sullivan, O.P.

A Patron for Science — Urban Nagle, O.P.

The Faculties in Education — Daniel Van Rooy, O.P.

Catholic Education in China — Victor Flanagan, O.P.

Teaching Religion — Gerard Conway, O.P.

In Memoriam (Verse) — Camillus Rubba, O.P.

Why Pray? — Anthony Murtaugh, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. Joseph Cyprian Brady, O.P. — Brendan Reese, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. Martin A. Sheehan, O.P. — Bede Campbell, O.P.

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle