Dominicana 20:2 — June 1935

//Dominicana 20:2 — June 1935
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Spiritual Life at Its Source — Ambrose Sullivan, O.P.

The Heresy of Moderation — Mark Egan, O.P.

The Church, Peace and War — Justin Madrick, O.P.

National but Not Natural — Ignatius Bailey, O.P.

In the Days of the Knights — Reginald Coffey, O.P.

Out of Order — Martin Murphy, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. Edward Sylvester McGinnis, O.P. — J.D.K.

Obituary: Rev. William Reginald Mahoney, O.P. — L.B.K.

Obituary: Rev. Joseph William Lannen, O.P. — V.F.H.

Obituary: Rev. William Augustine Sullivan, O.P. — B.M.B.

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