Dominicana 2:1 — June 1917

//Dominicana 2:1 — June 1917
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In Thee Have I Hoped (Verse) — Justin McManus, O.P.

An Ideal Priest of God — Pius Johannsen, O.P.

A Consecration (Verse) — Justin McManus, O.P.

The Priest in Action — Angelus McKeon, O.P.

The Mother of the Eternal Priesthood — Cyprian McDonnell, O.P.

St. Thomas’ Explanation of the Mass — Richard Walker, O.P.

The Bond of All — Basil Saylor, O.P.

The Office of Corpus Christi — Fidelis Conlon, O.P.

The Poet’s Dream: An Allegory (Verse) — Chrysostom Kearns, O.P.

The Greatest Eucharistic Sermon — Hyacinth Chandler, O.P.

Cor ad Cor (Verse) — Bartholomew Reilly, O.P.

The Holy Hour — Ferrer Keenberger, O.P.

Obituary: The Very Rev. Arthur V. Higgins, O.P., S.T.M.

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Within the Cloister