Dominicana 22:1 — March 1937

//Dominicana 22:1 — March 1937
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Table of Contents


Saint Thomas on Study — Mannes O’Beirne, O.P.

Epilogue — Mark Barron, O.P.

Worship in Work — Paul Francis Small, O.P.

Answer to Pain — Fabian Mulhern, O.P.

Plea to a Friend (Verse) — Sebastian Carlson, O.P.

Life Through the Sacraments — Christopher Pino, O.P.

True Prudence — William Curran, O.P.

Happy Saxon — Norbert Wendell, O.P.

Distance (Verse) — Camillus Lillie, O.P.

Challenge to Education — Mathias Cain, O.P.

Meditation in Couplets (Verse) — Philip Hyland, O.P.

Nicholas Cardinal Wiseman (1802-1865) — Brendan Larnen, O.P.

Literary Criticism and Review — Antoninus Quinn, O.P.

The Orthodoxy of Suso and Tauler — Hyacinth Roth, O.P.

Biting Tongues — Mark Barron, O.P.

“Aurora Lucis Rutilat”

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle