Dominicana 22:4 — December 1937

//Dominicana 22:4 — December 1937
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Child of Bethlehem — Edward Dominic Fenwick, O.P.

It Ought to Run in the Family — Norbert Wendell, O.P.

Gifts (Verse) — Raymond Vivier, O.P.

The Pope in the Modern World — Clement Nagle, O.P.

“To These, My Least Brethren” — Edward Casey, O.P.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them (Verse) — Philip Hyland, O.P.

The Good of the Whole: A Recent Decision in Labor Law — Frederick Walter, O.P.

A Star… A Cave… Three Kings

Saint Thomas on Study: The Commentary of John Paul Nazarius, O.P. — John Paul Nazarius, O.P. translated by Mannes O’Beirne, O.P.

Cardinal Manning (1808-1892) — Fidelis Gilsenan, O.P.

World Without an End — Mark Barron, O.P.

At the Crib (Verse) — E. Sebastian Carlson, O.P.

Obituary: Reverend John Theodore Finnegan, O.P.

Obituary: Brother Dominic Mullahy, O.P.

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Cloister Chronicle

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