Dominicana 23:2 — June 1938

//Dominicana 23:2 — June 1938
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Ordination Class of 1938, Frontispiece


The Dominican Liturgy — Mannes O’Beirne, O.P.

The Genesis of Communism II: Marxian Communism Itself — Antoninus Ryan, O.P.

Design for the Future — Bernardine Quirk, O.P.

Obituary: Pere Marie-Joseph Lagrange, O.P. — Martin Stanislaus Gillet, O.P.

On the Eve of Ordination (Verse) — Raymund Vivier, O.P.

A Goodly Company — Mark Barron, O.P.

Chesterton, the Aristotelian — Hyacinth Conway, O.P.

Obituary: Reverend Adolph Augustine Durkin, O.P.

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Cloister Chronicle