Dominicana 23:4 — December 1938

//Dominicana 23:4 — December 1938
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The School of Bethlehem — Fabian Whittaker, O.P.

Objections to Objectives — Mark Barron, O.P.

Out of the Mud — Pius Sullivan, O.P.

Quest and Conquest — Arthur O’Connell, O.P.

The Art of Thanksgiving — Donald Sullivan, O.P.

War of the World

The Heart of Civilization — Jerome Jurasko, O.P.

To an Innkeeper (Verse) — Pius Sullivan, O.P.

That All May Have Some — Antoninus Ryan, O.P.

Obituary: Most Rev. Bonaventure Garcia de Paredes, O.P., S.T.M.

Obituary: Very Rev. James Andrew Mackin, O.P., P.G.

Obituary: Very Rev. Michael Joseph Ripple, O.P., P.G.

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Cloister Chronicle

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