Dominicana 2:4 — March 1918

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Table of Contents


The Lay-brotherhood — Humbert M. Palmer, O.P.

The Aftermath (Verse) — Gabriel Knauff, O.P.,

Blessed Simon Ballachi, O.P. — Paul Curran, O.P.

Blessed John Massias — William McClory, O.P.

Blessed James of Ulm — Philip Thamm, O.P.

Blessed Garcia — Paul Curran, O.P.

The Mother — Basil Saylor, O.P.

Genius (Verse) — Chrysostom Kearns, O.P.

Reformation in England — Benedict M. Allen, O.P.,

The Church and Art — Theodore Finnegan, O.P.

Summa (Verse) — Bartholomew Reilly, O.P.

Friar John Capreolus – The Prince of Thomists — Ferrer Kienberger, O.P.

Friar’s Bookshelf

Within the Cloister

St. Patrick (Verse) — Reginald Hughes, O.P.