Dominicana 24:1 — March 1939

//Dominicana 24:1 — March 1939
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To our Holy Father, Pius XII, This issue of Dominicana is dedicated with filial affection.

Pius XII — Francis H. Roth, O.P.

Pope Pius XII

His Testament of Peace – A Memorial to the Late Pius XI

Preachers-General — Urban Fay, O.P.

Some Shape of Beauty — Hyacinth Conway, O.P.

Free Speech Has a Birthday — Cyril Burke, O.P.

Murillo, Spanish Master — Robert Auth, O.P.

Methods or Madness? — Mark Barron, O.P.

Child of China — Thomas Chang, O.P.

The Quality of Mercy is Strained — Raphael Gallagher, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. John Polycarp Siemer, O.P. — H.K.

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle