Dominicana 25:2 — June 1940

//Dominicana 25:2 — June 1940
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Ordination Class of 1940

Sacerdos et Presbyter

The Mass of St. Dominic — Philip L. Hanley, O.P.

Spanish Art Treasures and the War — Robert Auth, O.P.

The Poetry of St. Thomas — Chrysostom Seery, O.P.

A Plea for Justice — Jordan Aumann, O.P.

An Early Life of Saint Raymund of Pennafort — Urban Fay, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. Dennis Albert Casey, O.P., S.T.Lr.

Obituary: Rev. Hyacinth Lawrence Martin, O.P.

Obituary: Brother Dominic Keane, O.P.

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle