Dominicana 25:3 — Fall 1940

//Dominicana 25:3 — Fall 1940
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“St. James and Spain to Battle!” — Paul Fernandez, O.P.

Exquisite Prayer — Chrysostom Seery, O.P.

“Holy Mary, Mother of God” — Chrysostom Curran, O.P.

Thomism in the Leonine Encyclicals — Fabian Larcher, O.P.

Beauty Grants an Interview — Hyacinth Conway, O.P.

A Sensible Man Named Thomas — Alan Smith, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. John Paul Roach, O.P.

Obituary: Rev. Francis Xavier O’Neill, O.P., Ph.D.

Obituary: Brother Hyacinth Kaszczuk, O.P.

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