Dominicana 25:4 — Winter 1940

//Dominicana 25:4 — Winter 1940
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Venite adoremus

Divine Exchange — Pius M. Sullivan, O.P.

Christmas with the Fathers of the Church — Nicholas Halligan, O.P.

The Original Santa Claus: Saint Nicholas — Nicholas Halligan, O.P.

A Nineteenth-Century Christmas Carol — Justin Dillon, O.P.

Christmas – The Child’s Play — Pius M. Sullivan, O.P.

Faith at Work — Albert M. Rossetti, O.P.

The Beauty of the Church — Maurice Robillard, O.P.

The Bible and the Rosary — M. J. Lagrange, O.P.

Very Rev. Charles Jerome Callan, O.P., S.T.M., New Consultor of the Biblical Commission — V.L.

Very Rev. Walter Farrell, O.P., Master of Sacred Theology — N.H.

Obituary: Rev. Daniel Peter Coughlin, O.P. — H.C.

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle

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