Dominicana 31:4 — December 1946

//Dominicana 31:4 — December 1946
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Most Rev. Emmanuel Suarez, O.P. Eightieth Master General

Discourse of the Holy Father to the Master General and the Capitular Fathers, September 15, 1946

The Friar Painter’s Dream — Theophane O’Brien, O.P.

The Crib and the Kremlin — Michael Murphy, O.P.

Kings — Hyacinth Putz, O.P.

The Mercy of God in an Age of Freedom — John Fearon, O.P. and Francis Conway, O.P.

The Most Reverend Paul A. Skehan, O.P., S.T.Lr., J.C.D. Procurator General

Obituary: The Reverend Leo Urban Cull, O.P.

Friars’ Bookshelf

Cloister Chronicle

Index to Volume XXXI, 1946