Dominicana 41:2 — June 1956

//Dominicana 41:2 — June 1956
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Ordination Class of 1956, Province of St. Joseph

Prayer to St. Dominic, the Priest — Bl. Jordan of Saxony, translated by Adrian Wade, O.P.

The Priesthood in the Old Testament — Jerome McCann, O.P.

The Sacramental Victimhood of the Priest — Gabriel Westphall, O.P.

A Blackfriar in Northern Blue — Andrew Newman, O.P.

Dominic’s Dream — Stephen Fitzhenry, O.P.

Testimonial to Father Ignatius Smith, O.P.

Obituary: Father Dominic Innocent Donohue, O.P.

Obituary: Father George Bernard Hasenfuss, O.P.

Obituary: Father William Jerome Olson, O.P.

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